Senior Software Engineer

What you would do:

The technology team at Myxx is dedicated to building a platform where grocery consumers, brands, and retailers can all get valuable insights to fulfill their needs in the marketplace.  For consumers that means great personalized experiences from selecting recipes through intelligent shopping choices to convenient order fulfillment.  For brands and retailers, it means being armed with the knowledge to understand their customers and how best to serve them.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Myxx, you’ll be responsible for deeply understanding the problems faced by our users and customers and working with your team to choose and implement solutions that deliver great outcomes for both, as well as being easy to maintain and scale.  You’ll work collaboratively at every opportunity, with technology team members and throughout the company, at every level.  You’ll focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for everyone you interact with, and know for certain that your colleagues are doing the same.

What you’ve done already:

  • Delivered multiple releases of SaaS web applications
  • Used responsive mobile design in your applications
  • Delivered or supported public, partner, or private API endpoints
  • Built applications using both relational and non-relational data stores
  • Proficient with Javascript and Python
  • Familiar with Typescript
  • Worked in an environment supported via SRE, NoOps, or DevOps
  • Demonstrated success for five or more years in software engineering roles

What you value:

  • Alignment – You know why you’re doing what you’re doing and how it accomplishes our goals.
  • Empowerment – You have a meaningful say in not just when and how you do things, but what you do and why.
  • Accountability – You know that you’re having an impact—on your teammates, our users, and our customers—and you know how to maximize that impact.

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