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Your Digital

Commerce Partner.

Turn every cart into the digital carts that build a direct relationship with your shoppers, drive customers to the point of purchase across every channel, and capture valuable insights from the entire process. Ensure your brand survives and thrives in the digital transformation- capture and act on data insights to provide personalized data driven solutions for your shoppers across every channel where they shop.

The One-Stop Solution

The Digital Commerce Solution

Introducing Digital Commerce and a simple D2C strategy that transforms every cart to a digital cart driving meaningful insight.  The Myxx Platform is the only end-to-end solution designed specifically for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands and their agencies, delivering frictionless and highly-personalized e-commerce-enabled shoppability, so you can:

  • Enable your website with unified frictionless shoppability for all of your products & recipes.
  • Direct shoppers to the grocery store location that has your product IN STOCK.
  • Activate with a digital shopping list useful in-store and online and Ensure your product ends up in their cart every time .
  • Create profiles for your most loyal shoppers & drive repeat engagement and  purchases
ProMyxx Reports and Dashboards

One Centralized Control Center.

With the Pro-Myxx Reporting Dashboard, you can finally see and share exactly how your products are performing, optimize your marketing spend, and create loyal lifetime shoppers. Use it to: 

  • Gain 360-degree visibility across the entire grocery ecosystem and down into the individual consumer basket
  • Track campaign performance as you deploy activities, assets, and tactics (instead of waiting until campaigns are complete)
  • Improve decision-making and customer engagement with deep retailer, product, and consumer data coupled Myxx’s Qualified Audience data and predictive analytics  
  • Easily access and share vital information and reports with stakeholders and agencies, such as Campaign Performance, Shopper Activities, and Cart Insights
Personalized & Localized Audience

Shopper Loyalty.

Create loyal shoppers by enabling personalized and shoppable (add-to-cart) solutions across marketing channels.

  • Frictionless and smart shopping experience – Give shoppers easy access to put your products in their cart – meet them at the point of inspiration/planning and help them move to purchase
  • Personalized experience – Engage with shoppers on an individual (and more personal)  level – know their preferences, needs, and likes – then cater to them
  • Build and grow an audience – Know your  shoppers  better than anyone else
Shoppable Campaigns

Lock in New Shoppers.

Tap into our verified audience & retarget your most valuable shoppers to create digital carts through Shoppable Campaigns.  With Myxx, go beyond surface level metrics & simple Shoppable Links to drive performance and value.

  • Exclusive shoppability across site and marketing efforts including shoppable landing pages, Influencers, social, and digital activation
  • Unique audience and basket insights across the path to purchase
  • Address specific business goals and objectives with targeted 30/60/90-day campaigns complete 
  • Free up resources and maximize engagement as Myxx does all of the behind-the-scenes work, from identifying a qualified audience to media buys and building HubPages/Custom Landing Pages
  • Work across partners including, brands, agencies, and data partners in an holistic approach.
Just a Bite
Real Time Inventory & Pricing at 17,000+ Retailer Locations

Shoppable to Unstoppable

Myxx makes it easy to listen and learn from consumer actions and interactions. So you can improve their shopping experience, anticipate needs, and transform every engagement into a sale. With Myxx’s shoppable technologies, exclusive data streams, and predictive analytics, you can stop spending so much time and money trying to capture and keep buyers’ attention ⎼ and do so much more with your marketing dollars.

Get Started

As a data-driven SaaS-based solution, Myxx is inherently flexible and scalable. You can build on and expand capabilities at your own pace — without the heavy lift of modern digital transformation. Start small with shoppable campaigns, select features ala carte to meet specific business requirements, or implement the end-to-end Myxx Platform. We work with you to select the solutions that meet your needs today and position you for growth well into the future. 

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